Landscape Trends

Landscaping Design Trends 

Landscape design has been around for years even a research studies suggesting landscape design going as far back as Babylon from the 6th century BC becoming more popular in the ancient Roman times based on The History of Landscape Design. Proving meditation and spiritual connections with the land and the world around you. 

So 2022 is here and people are enjoying the outdoors more then ever before, below is some trends that can turn and backyard space into your own wonderland. 

Making Land A Wonderland

We are coming into a newage and a new era and now that people are more at home the desire to bring value to their backyard living space is in high demand. Landscape design and construction is at an all-time high from holiday decorations, landscape lighting to outdoor firepits.

Forget Vacation, I want Staycation!!

Pools are very popular this year now that the pandemic has sparked a desire for people to make their own paradise at home. Hayward Holdings did a survey on pool trends finding that 57% of people without access to a pool are interested in purchasing one and 64% of pool owners have updated their pool in the last two years or plan on doing so in the next two years. Most of the pool builders spots are filling up fast. Transforming a spot into a calming oasis or a wonderland staycation needs an experts guidance. Wilburn Associates is trained to provide the best option that will complement your pool without becoming a hassle to your pool. 

Interested in purchasing a pool
Interested in upgrading their pool

Smells like fire…What is cooking?

Very important in some spaces is outdoor kitchen or an outdoor fireplace which has remained a popular design creating a transition of space from inside to outdoors. Understanding the flow of the land and the design of the space could really improve on where the fireplace is placed. Just image the feeling of coming home at the end of the day to roast by a comfortable fire or even sharing that moment with a loved one. 

Planting, hardscape, landscape design or just an outdoor space that you can call paradise Contact Us let us know your design and how we can help transform your backyard into something great! 

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