Looking to hire a landscape designer? Here are questions you need to ask before hiring one.  

if your considering hiring a landscape design but dont know which is right for you here is 5 questions before you hire that designer.

Before reaching out to a expert, write a desire listing in your garden redesignestablish your priorities and price range, and decide which parts of the process you’d want to hire a seasoned for help. With this on paper, you’ll have a clear experience of what you’re seeking out in a designer before you begin to contact specialists.


1. What services do you offer? 

Always ask the landscape firm if they are experienced within the scope of work you are looking for? Can you Manage it? remember just because it is installed does not mean it will manage itself.  Usually landscape designers can fall into three categories:

Design Only: some designers specialize simplest in the layout system. This typically includes a domain analysis and dialogue of a customer’s needs, a preliminary design, revisions based totally in your comments, and a final exact master plan to your garden. This targeted planting plan and construction report is then handed over to you (or a landscape contractor of your choosing) to take it from there.

Design-build: Others provide the design service described above, in addition to overseeing plant purchase and all set up. Contractors are wanted for allowing and hardscape installation — once in a while the landscape designer is likewise a registered contractor, and other instances they have landscape contractors on their group or ones to advise and oversee.

Full service: design, build and maintain services. For the highest hands on services landscape designers with full services have the ability to oversee the ongoing maintenance of the garden having a special relationship with the landscape and the client.


Can I see examples of your past work?

rather, if a designer’s portfolio doesn’t consist of the precise style you’re looking fortake a look at out his or her credentials for evidence of the education to make the imaginative and prescient of your garden a realitylevels from authorized landscape layout faculties and memberships in expert organizations are both accurate indicators.

3. Do you offer garden consultations?

some landscape designers will offer one- to two-hour lawn consultations. all through this assembly, a designer will usually come over to your propertybe part of you for a stroll across the gardenlisten to what you’d like to accomplish with your redecorate and start to bounce some ideas around for the layout.

4. What ideas do you have for our yard?

when you’ve shared your wish list and budget with the designer, and the designer has had a chance to view your property, ask what imaginative and prescient the designer has in your landscape. Designers have specific mediums of offering their thoughts for your landscapestarting from a universitystyle mood board with inspiration pictures for vegetation and hardscape materials to a 3D dimensional, to-scale drawing created with a CAD program or by hand.

5. What is your process?

designer’s process relies upon on the services he or she offers (see question 1). Get to recognize the technique — and whether or not you or the designer is accountable for overseeing each step — from the start so you’ll recognize what to expect as soon as the mission is underway. in case you’re hiring a designer who specializes in layout only, ask your self whether or not you have got the time or experience vital to oversee the challenge installation or if the designer has contractors to suggest.


If your looking for a new landscape wonderland or a nice cozy space we are here to help Contact us today and lets see how we can help you.